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In this example, if a carpenter teaches us how to build a specific table, we will only know how to build that specific type of tables.  But imagine we learn the basics on how to build tables, where would our imaginations take us and what would the results be when our individual creativity takes over. 

The book, "There are no sales without service"© talks about other basics in life that have a direct impact on how we perform.  "Goals" and "Drives" are essential to a sales person's success within the big picture and how we should plan for today in order to own tomorrow.

The book, "There are no sales without service"© also explains the basic fundamentals for the type of customers we interact with daily.  It illuminate those customers that we like, but we need to fear, and those that we hate, but we need to like!

The book, "There are no sales without service"© shows us what we know deep inside but didn't know we had, how to use when we never did. Most of all how to believe in the power of what we know that would make us successful in what we do. 

In conclusion, the book, "There are no sales without service"©, helps us go back to the basics of sales and customer service because; in the long run “There are no sales without service!

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"There are no sales without service"© (2nd edition)

About The Book; "There are no sales without service"© (2nd edition)

I am sure you agree with me that sales and service are one and should be taught as such.  My definition of sales is "persuading others to go with your thoughts and ideas” and service is "providing support during and after regardless of the outcome." 

Service should be provided to each and every customer regardless of the end results because selling never finishes and repeat business is the key!

The book, "There are no sales without service"© written as a quick guide for starters about the basics and as a refresher for the veterans in how we perform in our field.  It demonstrates to us our personal skills on how to become more proficient in how we perform.

The book point out The basics of sales and customer service" which give details about the foundation on how to strive for levels that can only be achieved by the dedication of our individuality to achieve superior levels which must come from within. 

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