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As President of The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association (CFHLA), I have had the opportunity to work with George Fakhoury at GMF Consulting on various community and hospitality industry projects during the past eight years. In these roles, I have found Mr. Fakhoury to be a highly motivated professional. Importantly, George is a passionate leader, a team builder, and an individual that listens to ideas being presented. Through his relationship building skills, George has earned a network of respected Central Florida contacts.

President & CEO
Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association

“I had the chance to work with GMF Consulting briefly during their stint at Automak in Kuwait. Their knowledge of the car rental business is immaculate and their experience in other related fields like (hotel management, airlines, etc.) that make up the hospitality industry translates into a wealth of knowledge. They are detail oriented and passionate professionals with a good grasp of business concepts. They are excellent at identifying new business opportunities and developing them to their potential.

They have a proven international track record with leading brands and has also contributed tremendously towards the development of newer brands in the market. They are up to speed on the latest trends in sales, customer service, marketing, operations management and also have a keen understanding of organizational development. I am sure GMF Consulting will be a valuable asset to any company that hires them as independent consultants.” 

Sales & Marketing Director
National Aviation Services

"George Of GMF Consulting is a consummate professional. He makes it extremely easy to do business with. He always strives to ensure that all goals and objectives are met. His message is always clear, reliable and consistent. He is a creative thinker and his skill set and personality allow him to cross over into various disciplines and industries at ease. I would highly recommend Mr. Fakhoury as a business consultant as his professionalism, integrity, and passion for excellence will enable him to be successful, regardless of the task at hand.”

General Manager
Walt Disney World Royal Plaza Hotel:

“George of GMF Consulting has been a great partner through the years that I have been working with him. Always in Great Spirit and enthusiasm for the work he provides to his company. His community efforts also go a long way to show his direction in life. George has always been a pleasure to work with. He has great knowledge of the travel market and is well versed in using technology to stay on top. He is also very personable and a great asset to my professional network. George is extraordinarily well versed in tour and travel products in the central Florida area. His knowledge, networking ability, wide range of contacts, and understanding of the different channels of distribution are second to none. It is always a pleasure to meet with George, share ideas and experiences, and learn from his expertise. George consistently lead his team to not just deliver the minimum expectations but help his team understand the bigger picture of how to take our teams performance to the next level. George sincerely applies the positive passion of doing the right thing.”

Sales & Marketing Director
Expedia Local Experts:

GMF Consulting are one of the most professional businesses and people I have dealt with. Their extreme attention to details, great attitude, great customer service experience and their great marketing ability, let me to believe that they are an asset for any organization they consulting for. I really enjoyed working and dealing with them on many occasions.

Division Manager Fleet and Retail Leasing
Al-Ghanim Industries – General Motors Fleet Division

We always considered you much more than a business associate… more like a great friends. When I had my business you always went way beyond your job description. Even when you did not always get the rewards of your never ending effort, you always responded in a professional and gracious manner. I believe you had the passion and conviction to deliver the best service possible.

Premier Getaways

George of GMF Consulting is a dynamic, well respected community leader who used his innovative skills and marketing intelligence to catapult Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group to the forefront of the marketplace. I had the privilege of working with him on the Allied Relations Council and watching his energetic leadership move the board forward to set new records. He is an over-achiever and looks to give his best always.

Adrenaline Media 

This is my assessment of doing business with George Fakhoury of GMF Consulting; He is well networked and shares the wealth; so doing business with him extends your network instantly. He has the best industry presence of anyone I know; he is out there at every industry meeting/event. He has great credibility in the market place. He delivers on whatever he promises and follows up in spades. He is proactively responsive on every opportunity that comes his way; and has been rewarded with incremental business growth in stride.

Vice President Marketing
Universal Orlando - In Market Sales

GMF is beyond a doubt one of the best examples of making sure the client is satisfied. If he gives you his word you can take it to the bank. I would be pleased to provide a reference for George to anyone looking to hire one of the best.

Avalon Capital Group

Recently, Adrenaline Media, Inc. was named media partner for the Hospitality Appreciation Tradeshow, Central Florida's largest front-line industry tradeshow. I've had the privilege and pleasure to work with George on organizing this initiative. His superior service, attention to detail and dedication to ensuring that clients are connected and happy has been impressive. 

He is an incredible communicator and thoughtful innovator which has proven time and again to increase his exposure and respect in this community

Adrenaline Media, Inc

“It was an honor to be a sponsor at the GMF hospitality tradeshow. The team of experienced industry professionals that put together this show understands our market and they do an excellent job in getting the word out. Thank you.”

Sales & Marketing Manager
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

Thank you for arranging such a great educational show. You know how to keep it lively and upbeat, your expertise in the field of hospitality tourism shines in this trade show. Thank you for always being a true partner in the hospitality industry.

Director of Sales & Marketing
Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

I have had the pleasure of working with George Fakhoury of GMF Consulting, Inc. on many occasions. From our very first introduction years ago it became apparent that the needs of our hotel were in great hands. Each request was met with thoughtful dedication and always arrived ahead of schedule. No matter the topic of discussion, you will not find someone more in tune with the hospitality industry of Central Florida. George will ensure that your time and resources are used wisely while achieving a competitive edge for your company.

Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Walt Disney World Regal Sun Resort

A big thank you to GMF Consulting for a fantastic trade show... Only one problem - I'm burred in follow up from all the new contacts. Thank you George Fakhoury for all your hard work.

Orlando Balloon Rides

Thank you to GMF Consulting for a wonderful experience. The event was well planned and organized, and attendance was great. Reaching out to that many in the industry would have been very difficult otherwise. Looking forward to next year...

Gator Adventure Productions

What a great event from GMFEvents for the GMF/Mystic Dunes Executive Golf Tournament at Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club. Over 140 people in the industry enjoyed a special day with friends and peers supporting Florida tourism. The golf course was in awesome shape and the staff is second to none. Thanks you all!


The blitz was a blast! The event was terrific! I ate so much good food I had to turn down food. That never happens. It was great to mix and mingle!!

SeaWorld Marketing Team

Thank you George and your incredible staff for putting this great event on! What a wonderful way to say thank you to all of those who play such an important role in the industry. We look forward to the next event.
Prestige Luxury Rentals
Business Development Manager

Thank you George for putting on a great show! We look forward to the coming events that GMF will put on in the near future!

LUX Group, Inc.

George thank you so much for you commitment to us at the show!! I think the event was a huge success and we value our partnership greatly!!
Adrenaline Media

The event was highly enjoyable and successful and we were glad to have taken part. Have a great day and see you at the Spring event.
Director of Operations
Graylines of Orlando

George is a fantastically talented client services and sales training coach. With his front of the house training program you will not only notice near immediate results in your customer acquisition and retention, you will also notice that your employee satisfaction and employee retention will increase too! 

I enjoy working with George on multiple projects. I highly recommend this highly effective mentor for any business that "people matter" to the bottom line.

Campus President
American Institute College of Health Professionals

"Thank you for the Hotel Training Seminar you conducted. I found the material you gave were very informative and beneficial to my position. I am sure my colleagues found the information equally as impressive." - 

Director of Catering
Radisson Hotel

I enjoyed the seminar and found it extremely informative. I now use the 6 A's on a daily basis. I personally have taken a number of sales seminars and feel that yours ranks amongst the top and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it." 

Sales Manager
Raddisson Hotel

"The back to the basics seminar you conducted for our hotel staff was a great success. I spoke with just about everyone who attended it and their response was positive. They complimented you on your presentation, manners and style. They all commented on the need to have more trainers like yourself. Thank you again for your professional and admirable service. It has really been my pleasure." 

District Manager
Radisson Hotel

"This book is an essential read for anyone who is serious about outstanding customer service and turning this into sales results, first class in every way!"
People Performance Manager
Kout Food Group

"This is just a short note from the Management expressing our satisfaction in the professional manner in which the course was conducted. The techniques learned by our front line staff, put into practice now, has reflected positively on staff attitude, morale and the way they handle clients. It proved that using these efficient selling techniques has helped us to build a friendly and professional relationship with our customers, which automatically resulted in increased business and greater customer satisfaction. It also helped our staff to gain more experience and confidence in their ability and improve the overall morale."

General Manager
Al-Bader Travel & Tourism

 “There are no sales without service is a must read for any sales organization looking to maximize their client relationships, especially in the hospitality industry. The author highlights and energizes the basics in order to help any team both front line & in senior leadership achieve their common goals”

Area Director of Sales & Marketing
Fairmont Hotels

I read the book which was quiet easy to read, comprehend, and finish with no time. The words used are our normal daily words which was nice to finish quickly and then be able to become an easy open and refresher book from any page with no limits.

Scimitar Services Bahrain

Thank you for the time you spent with our students while sharing with them some of your thoughts about success in the business world. They very much enjoyed your presentation. In our program here, we attempt to make all of our students aware of the qualities and skills necessary for success in the world of work, and it adds real meaning to our teaching to have a successful business person reiterate those principles.

Instructor and Principle
Orange Technical Education Centers

I have pleasantly worked with George at Automak, and learned a lot from the training programs he gave us especially relating to customer service, sales and operations .I still use the information learned on a daily basis, including the book he wrote. I strongly recommend his consultancy. 

On a personal level he is down to earth,sociable and has this amazing smile on his face whatever happens. What I really like about him is that he is a very hard worker and be it in trainings or getting new business for the company,he leaves a trace behind.”

Branches Sales Controller
AutoMak Automotive (Al Kharafi Group)

When the company informed me before you arrived that I am not reporting to you and that you will be our consultant but I made myself report to you because I discovered who you are and who I am dealing with.

When they told me that you are leaving I started to think; “what would I do after 30 Nov 2010?” For one month, I tried to persuade myself that you will change your mind and decide to stay... I was hoping so because suddenly I discovered that you are the most important person that I have ever met in my life

I know that you don’t need my recommendation to know who you are but you have to know that you have changed my life and career. Your thinking will lead me to move forward because you taught me how to think...

You are not only my boss …… you are my teacher"   Thank you.

Rental & Corporate Lease Supervisor
Automak Automotive Company


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