Did you know?

  1. $25.00 feeds a family of 4 for a week
  2. $30.00 helps with a backpack full of school supplies
  3. $30.00 helps a mother with life skills and parenting classes
  4. $50.00 helps with a bus pass for a month
  5. $50.00 pays for a tent and a tarp
  6. $100.00 helps a family with a utility deposit
  7. $130.00 helps One Heart pay Insurance on the 16-foot trailer we use to p/u and deliver items
  8. $1750.00 pays for the 5250 sq. ft. space so One Heart can keep its doors open

GMF President & CEO Note:

Last year, midyear 2017 our Media Partner, Kenney Communications and GMF Consulting were looking to change our charity partner to an actual local charity where our direction will impact our local communities through their efforts and hard work.  After a long search we were so lucky to meet this wonderful lady that has a heart of GOLD and a mind full of visions and a will that is driven with an amazing dedication to help others who are in need.  

Mrs. Stephanie Bowman is this woman who from the first time I met her I knew that she is the person GMF Consulting should partner with to be our Annual Charity Partner.  I say that because our job at GMF Consulting is to make sure our clients are represented in a matter of pride, honesty and unselfishness to others.  Our second job which is also equally important, is to represent all our event attendees proudly with such a heartfelt program.  We do so because they are the ones that are donating their hard earned dollars to benefit our charity and to help Stephanie and her team reach as many locals in need as possible.  

We want to thank our partners, sponsors and attendees for their support.  On behalf of GMF and all those that support us, we are so proud to call Stephanie Bowman and One Heart For Women and Children our Annual Partner.


George M. Fakhoury

GMF Consulting, Inc.

President & CEO

Few Things about One Heart For Women and Children

See & Read more on their website @ https://www.oneheartforwomenandchildren.org/  

One Heart Mission Statement

Provide the necessary resources for families as they transition through and overcome varying hardships of daily living in the Central Florida region and abroad. 

One Heart for Women and Children provides resources for over 1,000 people a month; including food, clothes, furniture, parenting and life skills classes and much more. All of this is possible because the generosity of the communities we serve. There is no donation too small, or too big. We value your Time, Talent and or Treasure (money) equally.

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