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event Marketing

Well planned events can produce exposure and bring new clients to the table.  We at GMF Consulting pride ourselves on producing successful well thought out and well planned events for our clients.

Our creative team plans each event from step one (WHY) to the last step (SUCCESS) and everything in between, (who, when, where and how).

Events include networking, mixers, business meetings, trade-shows educational as well as private and special events built for our client's needs and wants.  

Each event we start with this thought in mind:  "If you don’t do the job right in the first place, don’t do it at all..!"  GMF

media & internet Marketing

Media is probably the most powerful avenue in marketing and at GMF Consulting we offer our services by evaluation our client's media marketing program that are in effect and determine the course to take if needs be. 

Internet & Social media has one of the most impact on a business today as it delivers the message right to the target audience figure tips.  Weather by phone, email or other means of internet programs, this is the program that give the consumer the decision to when and where to see what’s delivered.

We review, negotiate and obtain the best possible solution to achieve new and retain current business.


distribution Marketing

There are various entities in this segment of marketing that describes the process starting with the referral program which contains loyalty, rewards payments, credit awards and much more.

It starts with what target audience we need to reach out to so they can in turn reach out to our clients by means of referrals.

We extend every possibility imaginative to us to bring more for our clients and to stay ahead of the competition in how we perform.

Marketing 101

"The more you write the less they read and the less you write the more they read"  GMF 

We provide clients with marketing support from a consultation standpoint by reviewing their current programs and then offering alternatives to enhance productivity and improve exposure for an overall positive performance.

Other than exposure, productivity and performance, our programs work to reduce cost and expenses bringing additional profits to the overall bottom line.

Thinking Outside the box!

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