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A company functions just like the human body, the heart represents management and the blood represents the Front Line Employees.  It is essential for a company to invest in it's Front-Line employees to achieve success because ultimately they have a tremendous impact on  revenues and customer retention!

We offer sales and customer service training to Front-Line employees and their direct management team.   The training course is called "The Foundation" which is driven by the basics of sales and customer service from our book; "There are no sales without service"©  

Our program is unique and presented in one format with a different perception by different employees based on their tenure and experience within their field.  The main focus is to build a solid foundation that can sustain future individual growth.

A businesses spends a fortune on products and marketing campaigns to capture new clients. tries after tries, finally the campaign works and customers are seeking your business;  Hello, may I help you?"


Our training programs is driven by more than 30 years of experience.  We redevelop the “how  to change" in the market place of today.  Our objective is to connect the dots to ensure our training programs are the complete package that will NOT leave our clients in the dark!  

These are the subjects we cover in our program.

The Basic Foundation,
The Formula defined by the Six A’s,
The Art of Selling is the driving Force!,
Effective Communication is the Key.
Understanding the Different Negotiation Styles.
Increase Customer Spending,
The Fundamentals of Eye Contact,
The Vital Elements in Sales,
People Skills and Attitude,
Implementing the H.I.P.E. Terminology,
The Customer Types and their Impact,
The Significance of Customer Service,
Marketing, Simplified!
Boundaries of Self Confidence,
The Goals; set and achieve them!,
The Drive, a personal matter


This is our most popular training program which is up close and personal. It places the instructor face to face with Front-Line employees.  It provides an in-depth look at the basics of sales and customer service.  Each person has the opportunity to ask the instructor questions that requires their utmost attention.  

One on 1 is driven from the “Tutor” concept delivering special attention to individuals who needs it the most.  This has been the most effective training method and technique to help improve struggling performers.  Applying the basics effectively by Front-Line employees has a direct impact on their daily performance. 



  1. Meet with company executives to determine the company focus and direction.  
  2. Observe and conduct interviews with key personnel to gather details and information in order to create a training program personalized to the company directions.
  3. Develop the training course in order to have an immediate impact on all front line performance. I
  4. Issue achievement certificates embossed by State of Florida/GMF Consulting seal of incorporated.
  5. Provide an exclusive ‘Train the trainer” sessions with guidance to monitor front line progress.