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The GMF Executive Team - Corporate
Maurice E. Fakhoury - Chairman

George M. Fakhoury - President & CEO

Gino Fakhoury - VP Operations

Gabriella Fakhoury - VP Marketing

Graziella Sidarous - VP Administration

​De-Andre Kellerman - Events Manager


​Sam AlAni - Project Director, Europe

Karly Mixon - Project Manager, South Florida

Cora Picard - Project Manager, Las Vegas

Phone (407) 442-8000

Our Vision
Strive for excellence to be the company that provides solutions for success to each and every client we serve.

Our Mission
Build strong and solid partnerships with businesses that enhances our client's ROI significantly.

Our Values
Provide an excellent work environment, treat clients and employees with dignity and respect while applying the highest service standards in our industry and beyond.

about us

GMF Consulting was founded in 1995 when the company first introduced its Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry Frontline Employee Training Program driven by the basics of sales and customer service illustrated in the book:  “There are no sales without service ©” 

In few years thereafter the company evolved into Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Consulting exclusively for the tourism and hospitality industry.  We believe that our accomplishments can only be achieved through the triumph of our clients!