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We are Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Consultants providing clients with analysis, support and direction to improve their bottom line in two vital segments, Creative Marketing and Front Line Sales and Customer Service Performance.  With over 30 years experience in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries, we promise to deliver exciting marketing strategies, professional sales results and  outstanding customer service performance.  One of the most important goals in any business is to increase bottom line while retaining a solid client base, for the last 35 years, this has and still is our specialty! 

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The author of the book, “There are no sales without service ©” 1st and 2nd editions is our founder and president.  His book is dedicated exclusively to the betterment of Frontline Employees with immediate impact on their day to day performance.  

We at GMF Consulting consider Front Line Employees as one of the most vital mechanisms of any business.  In today's world, most businesses spend a fortune on products and marketing campaigns with a goal to capture new clients, who do you think would be your customer's first contact?   Let's do it together, we are ready to listen...